Summer School

July 19th is the day we’ve all (or most of us) been waiting for. End of Term.

School is out for Summer!!  Yay.

I know the feeling. It’s been a long hard year. Early mornings, long sessions of writing, tedious topics that don’t always inspire you to listen for 10 minutes let alone an hour. It’s a well needed, and I dare say a well-deserved break.

Well, it’s the end of the school year for us as Centre of Change School too. Saturday 20th July is the last day of the year for our Saturday school, but you will be pleased to know that we have…SUMMER SCHOOL.

Before you start groaning, hear me out. Now, tell the truth: how many of us are bored to tears before we’ve even completed the first full week of the summer holidays? You play on the PS4 or the XBOX one, (whichever is your console of preference) all day everyday for the first four days until you are literally crazy. Aside from the odd food, drink or toilet break, you are in a non-stop world of Gaming. But, let’s face it, how long can you really play Fortnite with its repetitive content before you start losing your mind? Battle Royale soon gives way to Battle Annoy-all.  Then there is Overwatch. Enjoyable for many, tolerable for most when there are constraints, like having to be at school all day, that stop you from overdosing on it. But with no school to break up your sessions and bedtimes seriously relaxed you find yourself in continuous competitive mode.The competition gets to the point where you actually fall out with other players and want to cut all of your friends off for real, for real. Then there’s Destiny, always been a firm favourite: but how many quests can you really do back to back. Mission ends, mission starts, mission accomplished until your head is spinning.

If you’re honest with yourself, you need a bit of educational stimulation to balance all of this game play. You need the discipline of interacting with the real world through the transactions of reading and writing and learning those things that will truly enhance your capabilities, including those that you need to play your games. At a basic level, you just need to get out of the house  and engage your mind on a different level.

Not to mention, when you do return to school in September, you’ll find lessons far easier to settle back into and your grades/levels will be more stable. Win, win situation all round

Classes are available for:


KS3 – English (filling up – only a few spaces left)

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      I am so sorry I didn’t get back to you over the summer. Unfortunately, our tutoring service starts from age 10 up to 17.

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