Back to school – 2019-2020

The long, hot (sometimes rainy) summer is over. The new term has started and learning is in full swing. Our tutoring sessions were a massive success last year and our GCSE and A level pupils were overjoyed with their exam results. The results were well deserved because attendance throughout the year has been consistent and the focsus has been amazing. Best wishes to those who have left us for the next step in their education. Keep working hard and never give up.

We have shifted our classes this year from Saturday’s (yay!! – no more choosing between educational success and football, or those top grades and a lie-in) to Thursday afternoons. We have also changed our class ranges somewhat, so that we can fit in you eager KS2 pupils who are raring to go and want a head start before the tough stuff starts at secondary school.


Aspire. Enjoy. Inspire

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